How to Represent at the Olympics

Cap’n Typo: The U.S. Constitution’s “Pensylvania”

I already hear you out there pleading. “Say it isn’t so, Cap’n Typo! Say there isn’t a typo in the Constitution!” Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but this typographical error thing goes all the way to the beginning and all the way to the top. I don’t think there’s a record of why…

Saturday Morning ‘Toon: “Ohio”

Animation for “Ohio” by Outside Royalty.

Garfunkel’s Reading List

When it comes to pop intelligentsia, Art Garfunkel is hard to beat. The seemingly better-read half of Simon and Garfunkel has kept a detailed list of every book he’s read since 1968, and since it went online a few years ago I’ve marvelled at the veritable Who’s Who of literature, philosophy, politics and more it…

Ad Nausea: The Mink Keyhole Cover

Not only is this ad real, but it was found in an old issue of the New Yorker. Despite the suggestive look, it really could be quite helpful if you think about it. Kudos to Goofbutton for unearthing this.

eBay’s Everything Else: God

How much would you pay for eternal salvation? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? A million? What if I told you that the blessings of God could be yours on eBay for a reasonable “Buy It Now” price of $5? Harkening back to the days of indulgences, seller impossible_bones promises the buyer will be “enveloped in…

Saturday Morning ‘Toon: “Firefly”

Grand Drive "Firefly" by trunkanimation

Popshop: Happy Zhu Zhu Trails

We didn’t choose Zhu Zhu pets. They chose us, through a gift from a friend. And like Tribbles they quickly multiplied, starting with a couple more from my mom and an accompanying carrying case/house that would hold 13. I succumbed for a moment when I saw that the prices for obstacle courses (apparently a failed…

Cap’n Typo: Martha Stewart’s “Crap Salad”

crap salad

Much thanks to my friend Steve in Seattle for capturing this one, via DirecTV. No wonder she just wants to focus on her salad!

Maria McKee – Lone Justice

Maria McKee of Lone Justice at the Hollywood Palace on February 8, 1986. This is one of my favorite pics; it has a quality that I think really captures the soul of her performance.

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